AboutReference Data Module

The WorldCereal Reference Data Module (RDM) is a outcome of collaborative approach to build a reference data store on label data which can be used for crop and irrigation related model training and validation. The products generated support worldwide crop monitoring. In the RDM we have two types of data storage:

  1. Consortium data store
  2. Community data store

Data sets in both data stores can be set to be publicly available or private. Data sets that are inside the consortium data storage have been collected, harmonized, and maintained by expert moderators (project partners) and have been made available to the public according their governing data licenses. Private datasets in consortium datastore will be available only for products generation.

Overview of Worldcereal System.

The Data sets that are in the Community data storage are harmonized and uploaded by Community users. The uploaded data sets can be made public with appropriate licenses and will be reviewed by moderators before being published. Private user data sets will be available only for the owner of such data sets and will not be shared for use by other users or consortium for product generation until the owner decides to make the data public. The owner decides who will be allowed to use data and under what restrictions. User can choose from below license types.

License types*Remarks
CC0No Rights Reserved
CC BYAttribution
CC BY-SAAttribution-ShareAlike
CC BY-NCAttribution-NonCommercial
CC BY-NC-SAAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
PrivateOnly accessible for the owner
OtherTo be defined by the owner

* See Creative Commons licenses

The data sets stored can be used during model training. By default, all the public data sets are available to generate WorldCereal products. In addition, private data sets are also available for the owner's products. More information on WorldCereal products and model training can be found here.

The Reference data module is built and maintained by The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and Wageningen Environmental Sciences Group (WENR). For further queries and questions please send an email to moderator-worldcereal@iiasa.ac.at.

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